Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition

Grim interactive game that keeps getting creepier

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Dark Souls Prepare to Die Edition is an interactive RPG horror game with several puzzles and ancient secrets in the constantly-changing world of Lodran.

Darks Souls is a highly surrealistic RPG game that takes dark fantasy to a new level. Playing can be paired with an online experience to enhance the realism of ferocious monsters and creatures. The world of Lodran contains labyrinths and dungeons full of monsters and their bosses. Play scenarios include auditory and visual effects that evoke more intense responses. These aspects of the game that play on the senses engender the ultimate feeling of fear.

The mysterious and beautiful world of Lodran is a console-based game that has also been ported to the desktop PC. Game challenges are cryptic and absorbing. The full purpose of each quest is deliberately murky and unclear in the beginning, and this is what makes the game so immersive. Each place and catacomb tells individual stories about Lodran's past and present, which helps the player to put the pieces together. Each realm evokes the atmospheric effects found in traditional PC adventure games. A great example of this is the sheer footprint that players leave on every realm they inhabit. Returning to previous locations sends a response from all creatures in the area that lets you know you have made a presence.

Weaponry and defenses are extensive throughout the game. Attacks and vulnerabilities of enemies are constantly evolving, as are the suite of weapons that you acquire throughout each realm. Local blacksmiths in the game can create customized swords and shields as you gain experience. More powerful weapons use a hybrid of magic and special effects to attack enemies in intense battles. These battles can be either somewhat hidden or entirely direct, depending on the realm and level of the game. For example, a battle can take place in the catacombs of a dungeon with monsters lurking in dark corners, or it can take place in a mossy forest full of menacing creatures.

The game places an emphasis on collecting souls, and preparing for both this life and the next. The souls can increase their experience level to gain new tools. The conquest of the vast world of Lodran makes gameplay extensive. Dozens of hours of gameplay are enhanced by the shared multi-player settings. The feeling of fear can be shared in either an online experience or between two controllers on the XBOX. Additional players can be friend or foe. They can invade your world secretly or become allies. The choice is yours, and these decisions make Dark Souls Prepare to Die Edition one of the most detailed games currently available.


• High sensory experience

• Online connection allows for expansion to world play

• Full motion graphics


• Software may require patches for stability

• Extensive gameplay takes extra time to learn

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